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Monday, September 12, 2011

Programming in MATLAB for Beginners-3

Multiplication of two Matrices:-
There are two type of multiplication that we can performed in MATLAB
1.Multiplication of two Matrices in normal way:
2.Multiplication of each elements of first matrix with corresponding elements of second matrix:
it use " . " before " * ". for thsi operation no. of elements should be same in both matices.

Similarly we can perform Division operation.

Some Mathematical Operations & Their Instructions:-

Addition            A=B+C;
Subtraction        A=B-C;
Multiplication     A=B*C;  or  A=B.*C;
Division             A=B/C; or A=B./C; or A=B\C; or A=B.\C;
Transpose         B=A';

Power              B=A.^C; or A.^2  (this operation always performed with " . ").
Sum of All Elements of A Matrix
Diagonal elements of any matrix
max no. in any matrix
shortest no. in any matrix
Average        A=avg(B);

Trigonometric Operations
Sine               A=sin(B);
Cosine           A=cos(B);
Sine Inverse   A=asine(B);

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Programming in MATLAB for Beginners-2

How to create a Matrix:-
enter all elements separated by space or coma & inclosed with [ ].
A=[1 2 3 4 5];
for coulmn matrix elements separated by semi colon ( ; )

A=[N:M]; create a row matrix with starting number N & last element M with the difference of "1".
A=[M:D:M]; create a row matrix with starting number N & last element M with the difference of "D".
A=zeros(R,C); create a matrix of "R" Row & "C" Column with all elements Zero.
A=ones(R,C); create a matrix of "R" Row & "C" Column with all elements One.
A=rand(R,C); create a matrix of "R" Row & "C" Column with Random Elements b/w 0 & 1 .
A=eye(R,C); create a Identity Matrix of "R" Row & "C" Column.

How to use editor:-
just type edit on comaand window & press enter.
       you get a new window in which you can write your program or function.
       save this file with .m extentation.

 How to I/P any variable at run time:-
use input(' ') command for it in editor at the time of writing program.
A=input('enter the value of A');

Programming in MATLAB for Beginners-1

Programming in MATLAB is simpler then any other programming language.
Here you can see the MATLAB window which contain "Directory, Command Window, Workspace & Command History".
We use Command Window to write any program or commands. Command windo also show output of any program or any instuction.
We can check our variables in Workspace & we also get our previous commands in Command History.
Here is some Basic Programs for beginners like Addition or other mathematical operations.

 Program of Addition of Two or More Numbers:-

>> %input first number
>> a=5;
>> %input second number
>> b=9;
>> %addition
>> c=a+b

c =


>> %input first number
>> a=5;
>> %input second number
>> b=9;
>> %addition
>> c=a+b;
>> %type c and press enter
>> c

c =



>> %input first number
>> a=5;
>> %input second number
>> b=9;
>> %addition
>> c=a+b;
>> %to display result use 'disp'

Similarly we can perform subtraction of two numbers.

Starting with MATLAB

What is MATLAB?

  • High-level language for technical computing
  • Development environment for managing code, files, and data
  • Interactive tools for iterative exploration, design, and problem solving
  • Tools for building custom graphical user interfaces
  • MATLAB is a powerful tool for engineers to perform any task in there professional life.
  • Programming in MATLAB is simpler then C, C++ or any other programming language.
  • We can perform many mathematical & technical operation on MATLAB

for more detail you can alos visit MATLAB