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Friday, December 30, 2011

Programming in MATLAB for Beginners-5

Now move a step ahead towards high level programming in MATLAB:

Is it possible to make large programs & store our codeings on MATLAB?????
Answer is YES........
with the help of editor
Editors: editors are use for store the cods or set of instructions. we can run our code or program stored in editor any time. editor create a M-File with the extension " .m ".
to open editor just type " edit " on your command window, you will get a new window. 
There are two types of M-File:
  1. Script Files
  2. Function File
Script File: Script files are set of codes & instructions. we can say scripts are simplest kind of M-File. a script file contain a whole as well as a part of any program. we can run any program directly from editor. the output will shown on command window.
to call any script file just type the name of file on command window.

Function File: MATLAB has many inbuilt functions like sin, cos etc. but some time we need a function which is not inbuilt in MATLAB. to create such functions we also use editors. once we create a function, we can call it any time in our program.

always remember the name of any M-File must not be same as any inbuilt function or command in MATLAB.

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